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Our Lord of Mercy, Hatch, NM

Our Lady of All Nations, Rincon, NM

From its founding about 1865 into the 1890's, Colorado (later renamed for Congressman Bernard S. Rodey, New Mexico’s Territorial Delegate to the US Congress) was the leading community of the Rincon/Hatch Valley. Situated three miles south-east of Hatch, Rodey was a mercantile center as well as a farming village.  For a while, Rodey became famous as the headquarters of the John Kinney horse stealing ring.  St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Rodey was built between 1860 and 1886 by the Diocese of Tucson, later made a mission of St. Genevieve (Las Cruces) it began to keep records in 1889.  It served Hillsboro, Lake Valley, Arrey, Garfield, Santa Barbara (Salem), Santa Teresa (Placitas), Rincon, Angostura, and points in between.  The construction of Elephant Butte Dam in 1917 established the Hatch valley as a stable farming community.

Rincon served as an important railroad center for many years.  With the decline of passenger traffic Rincon’s economy suffered and the population decreased rapidly.  In 1937 Garfield became a parish in its own right with the missions of Hillsboro, Arrey and Kingston.  Fr. Justin Klumbis was assigned Pastor in the middle 1950’s, he erected the Shrine of Our Lady of All Nations in Rincon.  The date of dedication of the shrine is unknown.  The original shrine was destroyed by fire and rededicated on February 27, 1954.  On March 15, 1963 it was recognized a Shrine dedicated to Peace.

With the population of Hatch increasing and Rodey gradually becoming depopulated, in 1963 a new church was built in Hatch under the title of Our Lord of Mercy.  Once the church in Hatch was completed, the seat of the parish was transferred there and the church in Rodey was closed.  Fr. Arthur C. M. Morgan became Pastor in 1968.  Our Lord of Mercy Parish now incorporates the former churches of Rodey, Salem, Placitas, and provides pastoral care to Our Lady of All Nations Mission in Rincon.

Map, Directions, and Hours


Our Lord of Mercy Catholic Church is located at 117 Hartman Street, just off the junction of state highways 26 and 187 in southwestern Hatch, NM.

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-3pm

Daily Mass:

Wednesday, Friday - 07:00am Bilingual

Tuesday and Thursday - 07:00pm Bilingual

Saturday - 05:30pm English

Sunday - 07:30am Spanish
09:30am English (Our Lady of All Nations, Rincon NM)
11:00am English
12:30pm Spanish


Saturday - 04:30pm

Parish Staff & Councils

Parish Staff

Pastor - Fr. Alejandro Reyes

Deacon -  Tim Flynn

Secretary - Dora Chairez

Administrative Councils

Finance Council - An advisory body required by Canon Law. This committee is made up of members of the parish selected by the Pastor. Their responsibilities include oversight of the parish accounting system and the development of the annual budget which is submitted to the Pastoral Council and then to the Pastor for his review and approval. For more information, contact Deacon Tim Flynn at 575-635-7353 or by e-mail.

Pastoral Council - The primary purpose of the Council is to accept responsibility, as a collaborative and consultative body, with the pastor for the life and mission of the Church in the parish. Areas that are addressed are education, evangelization, finance, liturgy, maintenance, pastoral care, and outreach planning.  For more information, contact Bertha Torres at 575-649-7883 or by e-mail.

Parish Registration

Often people attend Mass at this parish for several years, but never register but we all should do so because registering in a parish is a declaration of your desire to be part of the Catholic community.  Registered parishioners receive all parish mailings and communications and when the time comes to seek the Sacraments members of the parish will find the process much easier because all the information required will be on file in the office.  Please consider registering if you have not already done so.

To Register

There are several ways to become a member of our faith community – you can:

  • Pick up a registration form in our Parish Office located in next to the church. Our office hours are 9am to 3pm. Monday through Friday.
  • Call the parish office at (575) 267-4983 to receive the form in the mail.
  • Download the resistration form by clicking here

Sharing your time and talent as a member of the Mystical Body of Christ – our Church - is necessary for the health and well being of our parish and more importantly for the ongoing growth and formation of your faith. Please consider getting involved by volunteering for one of our many ministries which are listed here: Ministries.

Contact Us

Phone: (575) 267-4983

Mail: PO Box 321, Hatch, NM 87937